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Tested: The 7 Best Extra Large Macrame Dreamcatchers to Add Boho Charm to Your Space

Step into a world where boho charm dances on the edges of your dreams, where whimsy and beauty blend seamlessly to create a captivating space.

The 7 Best Extra Large Macrame Dreamcatchers are here to take you on that journey, adding a touch of ethereal elegance to your surroundings.

These handcrafted masterpieces, each with their own unique design, are more than mere decorations – they are gateways to a realm of tranquility and serenity.

With their intricate macrame patterns and generous size, these dreamcatchers are sure to captivate your senses and transform any room into a sanctuary of style.

But which one will best suit your personal aesthetic?

Let's explore together and discover the perfect dreamcatcher to infuse your space with boho charm.

KERIQI Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Decor (30 x 10 Inches)

macrame dream catcher decor

For those looking for a stunning and meaningful addition to their home decor, the KERIQI Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Decor (30 x 10 Inches) is the perfect choice. Made of premium quality soft cotton, this handcrafted dream catcher features a beautiful turquoise center ornament, exquisite workmanship, and intricate details.

It's designed to catch bad dreams while allowing good dreams to pass through, making it a symbolic and functional piece. Measuring 30 x 10 inches, it's suitable for various spaces such as bedrooms, nurseries, living areas, and workspaces.

Customers have praised the dream catcher for its turquoise details, size, and overall workmanship. Although some feathers may arrive broken, the majority of customers have found the overall quality to be good.

If you're looking for a beautiful and meaningful addition to your space, the KERIQI Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Decor is a great choice.

Jetec White Big Macrame Dream Catcher Moon Sun Wall Hanging Decor

large white dream catcher

Featuring a stunning moon, sun, and stars design, the Jetec White Big Macrame Dream Catcher Moon Sun Wall Hanging Decor is an ideal choice for those seeking an enchanting and symbolic addition to their indoor or outdoor decor.

This package includes three pieces of dream catchers in moon, sun, and stars shapes, made of tassels, wooden beads, and metal. With a total length of approximately 94 cm/37 inches, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

The moon, sun, and stars design not only adds a touch of bohemian charm but also carries symbolism. Dream catchers are believed to filter dreams, allowing good dreams to slide down to the sleeping person while nightmares pass through the holes and out the window.

Customers have praised the beauty and quality of these dream catchers, although some sets have been reported to have a strong odor.

MOONFLY Dream Catcher with Handmade Moon Star Design (White Moon)

handmade white moon dreamcatcher

Looking for a dream catcher that adds a bohemian vibe to any room and is perfect for children, lovers, or boys? Look no further than the MOONFLY Dream Catcher with Handmade Moon Star Design (White Moon).

This dream catcher isn't only a stunning decorative piece but also holds a good meaning. According to Native American beliefs, dream catchers trap bad dreams and allow good dreams to pass through. Made with a strong iron ring and cotton thread, it features a handmade tassel and feathers, adding to its unique design.

Measuring 20cm in diameter and 90cm in total length, it's suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and even weddings or parties. Additionally, it makes a great gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and other festivals. Bring warmth and love to your space with the MOONFLY Dream Catcher.

Best For: Children, lovers, or boys who want to add a bohemian touch to their room or space.


  • Unique and beautiful handmade design with a moon and star motif.
  • Made with strong iron ring and cotton thread for durability.
  • Can be used as a decorative piece or for spiritual purposes.


  • May not be suitable for those who prefer a more minimalist or modern aesthetic.

Sunburst Wall Decor Dream Catcher (Sunshine)

colorful sunburst dream catcher

Experience the warmth and positive energy of the sun with the Sunburst Wall Decor Dream Catcher (Sunshine) – a vibrant and hand-woven macrame wall hanging that adds a touch of boho charm to any space. This stunning piece of art is inspired by the elements of the sun, waves, and beach, symbolizing warmth, healing, stability, and tolerance.

It's hand-woven with 100% pure cotton using premium natural bamboo hoops, ensuring its high-quality and durability. With dimensions of 25.59 x 9.92 x 0.5 inches, it's the perfect size to hang over your bed, couch, fireplace corridor, desk, or near a window. Its colorful design creates a chic and warmful vibe in the bedroom, living room, nursery, balcony, studio, or apartment.

Not only does it add positivity and warmth to your space, but it also serves as a symbol of protection and positive energy. Native American dream catchers have a profound meaning of praying for peace and bringing good luck, making this wall hanging a thoughtful gift for friends and family who love bohemian room decorations. It comes well-packaged in a gift box and even includes a comb to straighten the cotton tassels if they become curly during transport.

With a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating from 13 customer reviews, the Sunburst Wall Decor Dream Catcher (Sunshine) is highly praised for its vibrant colors, craftsmanship, and quality. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the warmth and positive energy this beautiful macrame wall hanging brings to your space.

BWVV Tree of Life Dream Catcher, Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging (Leaf)

bohemian tree of life

For those seeking a stunning and boho-inspired addition to their room or bedroom, the BWVV Tree of Life Dream Catcher is the perfect choice. This macrame wall hanging features a beautiful Tree of Life design, with spiral DNA-like macrame branches that add a unique touch to any space. Handmade using 3mm cotton rope and a sturdy metal ring, this dream catcher measures 35.43 x 11.81 x 0.39 inches and weighs 1 pound.

Customers have praised its beauty, classiness, and large size, with many describing it as stunning and high-quality. It can be hung on the wall or wrapped with light string to create a soft and romantic feel in the room or bedroom.

Suitable for various occasions, such as a baby's nursery room, boho-themed bridal or baby shower, bedroom, living room, engagement party, or kids' bedroom, this dream catcher is a versatile and eye-catching piece of decor.

Best For: Those looking to add a boho and romantic touch to their room or bedroom.


  • Beautiful and stunning design
  • Large size and high-quality craftsmanship
  • Versatile and suitable for various occasions


  • Back of leaves have plastic, which shouldn't be removed

ANROYE Triple Moon Goddess Macrame Wall Hanging

handmade macrame wall hanging

If you're searching for a bold and bohemian wall hanging that represents feminine energy and protection from bad dreams, the ANROYE Triple Moon Goddess Macrame Wall Hanging is the perfect choice.

Hand wrapped with coordinated cotton yarn, this macrame wall hanging isn't only stylish but also eco-friendly, as it's made of renewable and biodegradable materials.

The dense complex crochet knotting, combined with ribbons, lace, and yarns, creates a visually stunning piece that can be used for various occasions, such as outdoor decor, weddings, Halloween, and baby showers.

Its bold and bohemian style makes it suitable for various spaces, including bedrooms, nurseries, and offices.

This wall hanging holds a deep meaning as it represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, symbolizing feminine energy and protection from bad dreams.

Care instructions include hand washing if necessary, avoiding machine wash or rubbing.

With positive reviews praising the soft and beautiful material, affordable price, and craftsmanship, the ANROYE Triple Moon Goddess Macrame Wall Hanging is a must-have addition to any space seeking a touch of boho charm.

Best For: Those who are looking for a bold and bohemian wall hanging that represents feminine energy and protection from bad dreams.


  • Made of renewable and biodegradable materials, eco-friendly choice
  • Dense complex crochet knotting with ribbons, lace, and yarns create a visually stunning piece
  • Suitable for various occasions and spaces, such as outdoor decor, weddings, bedrooms, nurseries, and offices


  • Some customers have experienced tangles in the ribbon and unraveling strands

ADOTBLOB Dream Catcher Boho Tree of Life Macrame Wall Hanging

boho macrame dream catcher

Looking for a stunning and unique wall hanging to decorate your living room, bedroom, or any other space? The ADOTBLOB Dream Catcher Boho Tree of Life Macrame Wall Hanging is the perfect choice for those in search of extra large macrame dreamcatchers.

This large dream catcher is made of cotton yards material in a beautiful white color. It features a tree of life design, symbolizing growth, wisdom, strength, hope, and a connection with nature. The dream catcher works by allowing nightmares to pass through the holes and out of the window, while good dreams are trapped in the web and slide down the tassel to the sleeping person.

Meticulously handcrafted and unique, this dream catcher is perfect for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms, kids rooms, nurseries, parties, cafes, or studios. It even comes with an original design gift box, making it an ideal present for yourself, family, kids, and friends of any age.

The dimensions of this dream catcher are 37.8 x 11.8 x 0.47 inches, and it weighs 1 pound. Installation is easy – simply hang it on a wall or from the ceiling to add a unique touch to any space.

Customers have praised the craftsmanship and quality of this product, noting that it exceeded their expectations. While it only comes in white, it still looks great and the material is of high quality. Some minor issues, such as messy yarn and a bare appearance, have been reported, but overall, customers are satisfied with their purchase.

The ADOTBLOB Dream Catcher Boho Tree of Life Macrame Wall Hanging is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any home or space.

Best For: Those looking to add a unique and meaningful touch to their living space.


  • Meticulously handcrafted and unique design.
  • Symbolizes growth, wisdom, strength, hope, and a connection with nature.
  • Can be used in various settings and is easy to install.


  • Only available in white color.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Extra Large Macrame Dreamcatchers

When choosing an extra large macrame dreamcatcher, there are several factors you should consider.

First, think about the size and dimensions of the dreamcatcher, as it should be proportionate to the space where you intend to hang it.

Next, pay attention to the material and craftsmanship of the dreamcatcher, as this will determine its durability and overall quality.

Lastly, consider the design and symbolism of the dreamcatcher, as it should align with your personal taste and the meaning you want it to represent.

Size and Dimensions

To ensure the perfect fit for your space, consider the actual dimensions of the extra large macrame dreamcatcher. Look for the total length and diameter of the dreamcatcher to understand its overall size. This will help you determine if it's suitable for the intended location, whether it's your bedroom, living room, nursery, or even outdoor spaces.

Additionally, take into account the weight of the dreamcatcher, especially if you plan on hanging it from the ceiling or a wall. It's important to ensure that the size and dimensions align with the desired aesthetic and decorative purpose for the space.

Material and Craftsmanship

Consider the type of material used and the quality of craftsmanship when choosing an extra large macrame dreamcatcher.

The material used plays a crucial role in determining the overall look and durability of the dreamcatcher. Look for options made from high-quality materials such as cotton, iron rings, wooden beads, or metal.

Pay attention to the craftsmanship, as it influences the intricate handwoven details and design. A well-crafted dreamcatcher will have precise knots and secure attachments, ensuring its longevity.

Additionally, the craftsmanship contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the dreamcatcher, enhancing its boho charm.

Design and Symbolism

As you explore the world of extra large macrame dreamcatchers, you'll discover that their design and symbolism add a captivating touch to any space.

Dream catchers often feature culturally symbolic designs, such as the moon, sun, stars, and tree of life, each with its own meaning and significance. These symbols are intricately woven into the macrame patterns, creating a visually stunning piece of art.

The design and symbolism of dream catchers are tied to their intended function of filtering dreams and bringing hope. Good dreams pass through the web, while nightmares are trapped and destroyed.

Dream catchers are commonly associated with specific settings and occasions, making them versatile decor pieces. The symbolism of dream catchers extends to the meaningful gifts they represent, making them suitable for various occasions.

With their symbolic designs, these extra large macrame dreamcatchers add a touch of warmth, positivity, and a bohemian vibe to any space, enhancing the overall decor and ambiance.

Suitable Locations

When choosing extra large macrame dreamcatchers, think about the perfect location to add an enchanting and artistic touch to your space.

These beautiful creations are versatile and can be placed in various indoor spaces like bedrooms, living areas, and nurseries, where they'll bring a cozy and decorative touch. They're also suitable for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and parties, adding a boho charm to the celebrations.

If you want to create a bohemian vibe in your workspace, office, studio, or balcony, an extra large macrame dreamcatcher is an ideal choice.

Additionally, these dreamcatchers can be used outdoors to add a unique and artistic touch to the environment.

Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, these dreamcatchers are a great option to decorate and inspire.

Gift and Meaning

Looking for a meaningful and thoughtful gift? Explore the symbolic significance and cultural resonance of extra large macrame dreamcatchers.

These beautiful creations aren't only decorative pieces but also carry deep meaning and symbolism. Dreamcatchers have a rich cultural significance, originating from Native American traditions and beliefs. They're believed to protect the sleeper from bad dreams and negative energy, while allowing good dreams to pass through the web and gently descend upon the sleeper.

The intricate designs, motifs, and elements incorporated into the dreamcatcher also hold symbolic meaning. For example, feathers are often added to symbolize air and breath, while beads and gemstones may represent different aspects of nature.

Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or housewarming, a macrame dreamcatcher can make a truly special and meaningful gift, connecting the recipient to their dreams and providing comfort and protection.

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